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Advanced Manufacturing Processes Laboratory

Sanjana Subramaniam recognized as prominent community service memberSam Webster named SME's "30 under 30"Cao & partners secure NSF Engineering Research CenterDeep Neural Networks in Additive ManufacturingCao honored for contributions to pioneering a flexible sheet forming system and leadership in manufacturing

Sanjana Subramaniam recognized as prominent community service member

Sanjana is the director of academic support and development, as well as a tutor for the Northwestern Prison Education Program (NPEP)

Sam Webster named SME's "30 under 30"

Manufacturing Engineering is recognizing 30 individuals under the age of 30 that are leading the manufacturing industry into the future.

Cao & partners secure NSF Engineering Research Center

A large multi-institutional collaboration including Northwestern received $26 million from the NSF for new advanced manufacturing research center

Deep Neural Networks in Additive Manufacturing

AMPL in collaboration with CUCIS has developed a deep Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) structure to accurately predict AM thermal properties with high temporal and spatial resolutions.

The Advanced Manufacturing Processes Lab (AMPL) develops computer-integrated systems for innovative manufacturing processes, including subtractive, deformation-based, and additive processes. These systems are established based on the fundamental understanding of the multi-physics of material deformation behavior during the process, combined with cost-effective simulation tools, intelligent design algorithms and the implementation of advanced control theories. These open-architecture systems aim at reducing development time, providing manufacturing flexibility, increasing material manufacturability, and reducing manufacturing cost. They are excellent platforms for R&D in innovative manufacturing processes, cyber-physical system integration, the Internet of Things, and cybersecurity.

Through our research platform, we provide an excellent training ground for our undergraduate and graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows to advance their critical thinking skills, to gain independent research capabilities, to build-up collaborative team-work experience and to become responsible citizens.