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Data Acquisition Systems

Data Acquisition Platform

National Instruments PXI-1036 data acquisition platform

PXI-1036 system combines a 6-slot PXI backplane with a structural design for maximum usability in a wide range of applications.

The system can be controlled via laptop or PC computers through controller modules PXI-8310 and PCI-8360 respectively.

It has 8 simultaneously sampled analog inputs with 16-bit, 500 kS/s per channel captured by NI DAQ module PXI-6123, and 8 high-speed analog outputs with 1 MS/s per channel and 16-bit resolution generated by NI DAQ module PXI-6733.

Sound and vibration data acquisition is available via high-accuracy DAQ module PXI-4496 with the capability of 16 simultaneous analog inputs at 24-bit resolution and 204.8 kS/s maximum sampling rate.