Northwestern University Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

Advanced Manufacturing Processes Laboratory

Rapid Dieless Forming TechnologyAdditive Manufacturing (AM)Surface Texturing High-Rate Texturing and BondingJian Cao Receives SME’s Taylor MedalAMPL Members Receive Awards at NAMRC and MSEC 2016

Rapid Dieless Forming Technology

The AMPL team created a state-of-the-art video, presenting the Double-Sided Incremental Forming process. DSIF uses stylus-type tools to form a part from opposite sides. (video after the link)

Additive Manufacturing (AM)

AMPL member Puikei Cheng explains the versatility and challenges of metal 3D printing

Surface Texturing

An optical microscope image of the cutting edge of a biopsy punch after laser micro-machining. The biopsy punch is characterized by an external diameter of 2.4 mm and internal diameter of 2mm, while the micro-feature sizes on the cutting edge range between 100-110 micron.

High-Rate Texturing and Bonding

The AMPL Micro-Rolling system seen here, performs electrically-assisted texturing and roll bonding for micro surface feature generation and ultra thin sheet metal joining.

Jian Cao Receives SME’s Taylor Medal

AMPL Professor Jian Cao received the 2016 Frederick W. Taylor Research Medal from the SME. The Taylor Medal is the highest honor given by SME to a researcher in the broad manufacturing field.

AMPL Members Receive Awards at NAMRC and MSEC 2016

Ph.D. student Sarah Wolff, received a Best Presentation Award and Ph.D. student Weizhao Zhang received a Best Paper Award.

Our prime research interests are to develop computer-integrated systems for innovative manufacturing processes, including subtractive, deformation-based, and additive processes. These systems will be established based on the understanding of the multi-physics of material deformation combined with cost-effective simulation tools, intelligent design algorithms and the implementation of advanced control theories. The systems aim at reducing development time, providing manufacturing flexibility, and reducing manufacturing cost.

Through our research platform, we provide an excellent training ground for our undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and visiting scholars to advance their critical thinking skills, to gain independent research capabilities, to build-up collaborative team-work experience and to become responsible citizens.