Northwestern University Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

Advanced Manufacturing Processes Laboratory

Powder Bed Fusion


The LT 12 SLM is a commercial powder bed fusion (PBF) machine capable of producing components or specimens in various metallic alloy systems. The machine has an open architecture enabling both materials and controls research. The machine is specially equipped with a dichroic beam splitter to enable real time monitoring of the melt pool. The machine is equipped with a 400 – Watt laser source focused to a minimum working beam diameter of 35 um. The build volume for the machine is 125 x 125 x 200 mm.

Sigma Labs PrintRite3D

Is a real time monitoring, analysis and feedback system that includes anomaly detection and automatic risk-level classification for laser based metal additive manufacturing processes. The system resolution is 100 microns with a 200 kilohertz acquisition rate. The system measures wavelengths in the range of 300-1000 nanometers. The system collects data on a multi-core 2U system with 10 terabytes of storage.