Northwestern University Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

Advanced Manufacturing Processes Laboratory

Tertiary Motion Generators

Resonant Tertiary Motion Generator

The resonant tertiary motion generator works in the resonant mode, which includes two coupled vibration modes at nearly the same frequency. The device is excited at this coupled resonant frequency to deliver an elliptical trajectory.

  • Resonant frequency of 27.4 kHz
  • Vibrations amplitudes are 9.0 μm in normal direction and 9.0 μm in tangential direction
Tertiary MG Tertiary MG

Non-Resonant Tertiary Motion Generator

A non-resonant tertiary motion generator can deliver high amplitude vibrations with decoupled guidance at the tool tip, while keeping high resistance to cutting forces during the texturing process.

  • Vibration frequency 0-490 Hz
  • Vibrations amplitudes are 90.7 μm in normal direction and ±74.6 μm in tangential direction
  • Stiffness in tangential direction and normal direction are 16.7 N/μm, 9.1 N/μm, respectively