Northwestern University Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

Advanced Manufacturing Processes Laboratory

Microscale Materials Testing Platforms

Psylotech tensile/compression machine

  • 1.6 kN force capacity
  • High resolution load cell (0.5 mN)
  • High resolution cross-head displacement sensor (25 nm)
  • System is controlled with a LabVIEW Program










High-frequency fatigue test machine

A novel high-frequency fatigue test machine utilizing a piezo actuator and 4 flexure hinges to generate high-frequency alternating force for fatigue test.

  • Capable of high-frequency fatigue test for small scale metal cylindrical/sheet specimen
  • Controlled by LabVIEW
  • Testing force monitored by a load cell and displayed
  • Limiting conditions:
    • Maximum frequency under 1500N
      tensile force: 500Hz
    • Maximum frequency under 500N
      tensile force: 750Hz
    • Regular working condition:
      0N~1500N tensile test at 0Hz~100Hz (without cooling),
      100Hz~400Hz (with cooling)
    • Maximum static tensile force: 2000N
  • Compressed air cooling






SEMtester 18240LM Miniature Tensile Stage

  • 1000lb load capacity
  • Interchangeable load cells
  • Adjustable strain rates
  • The device is designed to allow tension and compression test
  • The stage has been custom designed to perform electrically-assisted (EA) test









Mechanical Testing System

  • Non-contact digital image correlation (DIC) method is used for strain measurement
  • An infrared camera is used to record the temperature of specimens during EA test