Northwestern University Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

Advanced Manufacturing Processes Laboratory

Laser Micro-Machining System

Alicona Infinite focus-Optical 3D measurement & inspection

  • Non-contact, optical 3 dimensional, based on Focus-Variation

  • Surface profile form and roughness measurement

  • Surface topography Ra above 10-15 nm with a Lc of 2um, surface structure dependent

  • Minimum vertical repeatability less than 0.12 um

  • Best vertical resolution in the range of 10 to 410 nm

  • Fully automated and programmable xyz stages

  • Less than 400 um/sec scan speed

  • 5x, 20x, 50x and 100x objective

RAPID Lumera Laser

  • Capable of micro-machining virtually any material

  • High precision control and flexibility

  • Diode pumped Nd:YVO4 picosecond laser

  • 2W average power at 1064 nm

  • Second harmonics at 532 nm

  • High pulse energy - up to 30 µJ

  • High peak power of up to 20 MW

  • Beam quality: M²<1.2

  • Repetition rate: 10 KHz to 500 KHz

5 DOF Positioning System

  • Linear axes resolution of 10nm

  • Rotary axes resolution of 0.0001 degrees

ZYGO NewViewTM 7300 Non-destructive 3D surface metrology tool

  • Surface height measurement from less than 1nm to 20 mm

  • Sub-nanometer resolution

  • Less than 0.01 nm RMS repeatability

  • Fully automated and programmable xyz stages

  • Less than 135 um/sec scan speed

  • 10x and 50x objectives

Continuum Surelite EX

  • Flash-lamp pumped Nd-YAG laser operating at its fundamental wavelength of 1064 nm

  • Harmonics has a pulse duration of 6-8 ns and a maximum pulse energy of 0.7 J

  • Beam has a flat-top profile and can be operated at a maximum pulse repetition rate of 10 Hz

  • Due to the high pulse intensity, the laser beam after being focused can ionize any medium into an optically opaque plasma

  • Can send pressure waves into a material